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Three phase multifunction digital panel metersPDF

Multifunctional electric energy monitor meter is designed on the base of the advanced technology from the same imported products and according to the power apparatus operation and the computer intelligent monitor requirement.

This product is an integrative electric energy monitor meter systemed from current meter, voltmeter,wattmeter and electric meter,RS485 communication interface connects the meter with the computer network of monitor center, It's a high performance & automatic meter which is applied to industrial automation and modern power supply and distribution system.

This meter is specially used for electric energy parameter collect of 50/60 Hz power supply system.It can measure & display three phade voltage ,three phase curent, active power,Eeactive power,power factor, active energy (accumulating), rective energy (accumulating) and frequency.

EN9610 - 3 phase current, active and reactive energy

EN9620 - 3 phase voltage, current, active and reactive power, power factor, frequency,active and reactive energy.

EN9630 - 3 phase voltage and current

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