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    Three phase Bridge rectifierThree phase Bridge rectifierThree phase Bridge rectifier
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Three phase Bridge rectifier

Using high thermal conductivity DBC insulation sheet, the insulation is greater than or equal to AC 3000V. The ultra-thin shape is convenient to install the rectifier bridge together with the IGBT power device PBC board. 

Small size, light weight, high vacuum welding, excellent temperature characteristics and power cycle capability. The forward voltage drop is small.

MDS100-16FS  100A 1600V

MDS150-16FS  150A 1600V

MDS200-16FS  200A 1600V

MDS250-16FS  250A 1600V

MDS100-16FS  100A 1600V MDS150/200/250-16FS  150/200/250A 1600V

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