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Product Details

Single phase motor reversing solid state relay

Optical isolation between input and output loops.

Light-emitting diode indicates forward and reverse rotation status.

Changing the control switch on position can easily realize the switching of AC single-phase capacitor motor forward and reverse without contact operation.

Control internal with interlock, time delay and other functions, switching safe and reliable.

SCR output, no mechanical contact, no noise, no spark when switching.

The product is mainly used for the frequent switching of single-phase capacitor alternating current motor forward and reverse operation.



Load voltage


Max. load current

10~180 A

200~400 A

On-state voltage


Number of main switches

2 phase

Control power supply

12 ~ 24 VDC

Control current

≤40 mA

Switching time

≤ 0.3s

Isolation voltage

≥ 1800 V

Insulation voltage

≥ 2000 V

Isolation resistance

≥100 MΩ

Temperature range:

-25~75 ℃

Heat dissipation conditions

≥20A with heat sink, ≥30A add fan strong cooling

Load current of safety

≤2KW electric motor 2.5-4 times of rated current, >2KW electric motor 4-6 times of rated current

Physical dimensions

105×74×41 mm

120×83×56 mm

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