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Single phase fan speed controller

Mainly used for fan speed control, reheating furnace of tempering pressure regulating and high-power bulb surge, etc. This product is smaller, wiring installation and use extremely is all convenient. At work, stable function and have the function of anti-jamming.

Model Load voltage Load current Insulation voltage
MFC-I-300W 110/220VAC 3A 2500VAC
MFC-I-500W 110/220VAC 5A 2500VAC
MFC-I-750W 110/220VAC 7.5A 2500VAC
MFC-I-1KW 110/220VAC 10A 2500VAC
MFC-I-1.5KW 110/220VAC 16A 2500VAC
MFC-I-2KW 110/220VAC 25A 2500VAC
MFC-B-110W 110/220VAC 2A 2500VAC
MFC-B-300W 110/220VAC 3A 2500VAC
MFC-B-500W 110/220VAC 5A 2500VAC
MFC-B-750W 110/220VAC 7A 2500VAC
MFC-B-1KW 110/220VAC 10A 2500VAC
MFC-D-110W 110/220VAC 2A 2500VAC
MFC-D-300W 110/220VAC 3A 2500VAC
MFC-D-500W 110/220VAC 5A 2500VAC
MFC-D-750W 110/220VAC 7A 2500VAC
MFC-D-1KW 110/220VAC 10A 2500VAC

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