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    Pre-discharge Lightning RodPre-discharge Lightning RodPre-discharge Lightning RodPre-discharge Lightning Rod
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Pre-discharge Lightning Rod

Ionization pre-discharge lightning rod based on traditional discharge theory, added "promote ioniztion" predischarge performance. Then achieve earlier discharge than common lightning rods, meanwhile enlarge protection radius and increase protection performance.

Operating thoery: lightning discharge physical phenomena is over length gap discharge . A whole discharge process including: precursor, main body discharge and residual light. When analyse lightning discharge theory,
to find instant of lightning discharge to the grounding, local spaces electric filed whi ch near to grounding come to more than ten thousand V/m. The various top objects(variou s buildings, peaks and big trees ) which

among this electric field all will be induced and generate large electric charge(palority is contrary to the bottom of lightning cloud ). Because metal have goo d conductibility, specially the lightning rod tip will attact electric charge more easi ly from low to high electric charge filed. If meet electrostatic induction , the tip of lightning rod always with attract large electric charge. This theory is lightning rod usage feature. First of all, th e lightning rod have two large potential difference that bring from atmospheric electric field. A great deal of ionization upwards spread and emerge anticipation discharge channel, when this channel connect the lightning cloud various buildings.

Product features
■ Attract directly lightning, high protection class
■ Repeatedly to make the electronic ion and pre-discharge, the electrical operating contiuous and function normally after lightning.
■ Non-electronic and long li fe; prote ctive quality no change after lightning strike.
■ With earlier pre-discharge function, auto attract lightning strike.
■ Perfect design and reliably quality

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