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Polarized Relay/Permanet Magnet Relay

Characteristic Symbol Unit Specification (Rated Current of RCD)
≤40A ≥63A
Tripping current mA 7-8 1.8-2.2
Tripping Voltage mV 15-20 40-60
Rated actuating Power S na micro VA 100 60-70
Actuating Power( Operating Point) S a micro VA 80 50
AR - Power on delivery S micro VA 100-120 60-80
Impedence Z Ohms 2.5-4.4 35-45
Ohmic Resistance R Ohms 1.4-1.6 8.7-8.9
Thrust force mm h=0.5mm F≈0.7-0.8N h=0.5mm F≈0.7-0.8N
N h=1.0mm F≈0.3-0.4N h=1.0mm F≈0.3-0.4N
h=1.6mm F≈0.2-0.3N h=1.6mm F≈0.2-0.3N
Limitation mm h=1.8-2.0mm h=1.8-2.0mm
Total Movement of Kicker mm 1.8 1.8
Force Required for Resetting of Relay Centi Newton 100-130 100-130
Recommended Restoring speed Vr m/Sec. 0.5-0.8 0.5-0.8
Operating Time (at F=50 Hz, 1.2 * S na) Ta m/Sec. 20 20
Designed Ambient temperature oC Centigrade -110 -110
Life Expectancy Cycles > 5000 > 5000
Climatic Test Requirement IEC61008/EN61008 tested
in conjuction with RCCB
IEC61008/EN61008 tested
in conjuction with RCCB
Lenght of wire for connection mm 100 ±5 100 ±5
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