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    Low-voltage drop DC solid-state relay (modular design)Low-voltage drop DC solid-state relay (modular design)
Product Details
Product Details

Low-voltage drop DC solid-state relay (modular design)

  • There is optical isolation or transformer isolation between the input and output circuits.
  • Control signal with TTL logic interface.
  • LED indicator shows the operating status.
  • Uses low-voltage drop solid-state devices, low power consumption, no need for heat dissipation with a heat sink.
  • Integrated epoxy resin encapsulation, corrosion-resistant and shockproof, reliable operation.
  • Mainly used for low-voltage, high-power DC electrical equipment that operates without the need for additional heat sinks, such as LED power switches, battery charging and discharging switches, low-voltage electric heaters switches, etc.

Model: GTJ09

Power supply control: 12~24 VDC/50mA
Control signal: 4~32 VDC
Control current: 5~35mA
Operating indicator: LED
Switching time: ≤5mS
Output voltage: 60, 100, 200 VDC
Load current: 30, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 200A
On-state voltage drop: ≤0.01~0.5V
Off-state voltage: ≥60, 100, 200 VDC
Isolation voltage: ≥1000V
Insulation voltage: ≥1000V
Operating temperature: -30~75℃
Heat dissipation requirement: No additional heat sink required
Load current safety factor: For resistive load, take 2.5-3 times the load current; for inductive load, take 3-5 times the load current.
Dimensions (Model): 94x34x32 (M-2); 120x52x40 (M-3); 135x69x50mm(M-3D)

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