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    Inductive proximity sensor LMF43Inductive proximity sensor LMF43
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Product Details

Inductive proximity sensor LMF43

Model NO. Detection distance Working voltage Output Flush
Form State
LMF43-3040NA 40mm DC6-36V NPN NO Non-flush
LMF43-3040NB 40mm DC6-36V NPN NC Non-flush
LMF43-3040NC 40mm DC6-36V NPN NO+NC Non-flush
LMF43-3040PA 40mm DC6-36V PNP NO Non-flush
LMF43-3040PB 40mm DC6-36V PNP NC Non-flush
LMF43-3040PC 40mm DC6-36V PNP NO+NC Non-flush
LMF43 -2040A 40mm AC90-250V SCR Control label silicon NO Non-flush
LMF43-2040B 40mm AC90-250V SCR Control label silicon NC Non-flush
LMF43 -2040C 40mm AC90-250V SCR Control label silicon NO+NC Non-flush
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