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Hook A2B limit switch for crane

A2B limit switch (Anti-two block switch) is used for lifting wire rope anti-volume limit an electrical automatic protection switch. It is an appropriate weight of the hammer supporting the use of hook up and down movement to hold up or disconnect or turn-on switch, put down the hammer to achieve the purpose of automatically cut off the hoist power supply connected braking system to limit rope over volume, and reach hook in the purpose of a certain height within the lift.

Model selection:
GJ-1 :to reach the peak normally open (ie, hook across the boom, loop disconnect)
GJ-3: to reach the peak normally closed (hook met crane, closed loop)

Technical parameters:
1, Applies to DC and AC voltage 12 ~ 380V;
2, Rated current: 5A.
3, Supporting the external hammer weight: ≥ 1.7kg.

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