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GVC611-2000A/2600A/3200A 3 pole vacuum contactorsPDF

Name Unit Data
Main circuit Rated working voltage (Ue) V 1500
Rated working current (Ie) A 2000, 2600, 3200
Rated thermal current (Ith) A 2000, 2600, 3200
Rated frequency (fr) Hz 50~60
Rated making capacity (I) A 4Ie(AC-2)
Rated breaking capacity (Ic) A 4Ie(AC-2)
Control circuit Rated voltage (Us) V AC or DC 110/220
Rated power (Ps) Electric holding VA ≤1600/50 (absorbing/holding)
Auxiliary circuit Form 2NO+2NC
Rated value 220V(110V),10A(AC12);24V,10A(DC12)
Min value 220V/AC,10mA;24V/DC,10mA
Rated operating frequency Long-term time/h 300
Short-term 600
Electrical life 10000 times 10
Mechanical life 10000 times 30
Power frequency withstand voltage Main circuit Between phases, phase to earth KV 4.2
Vacuum breaks KV 10
auxiliary circuit to earth KV 2
Mechanical characteristics opening travel mm 3±0.5
excess of stroke mm 1.5±0.5
Closing time ms ≤120
Original opening time ms ≤50
3-phase synchronism ms ≤3
Remark: rated control voltage can be made according to customer’s requirements.

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