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Fast recovery diode module

Fast recovery diode module


- Super fast recovery
- Max junction temperature up to 175oC
- Low forward voltage drop

Typical Application 
- Inverter Welding Power Supply
- Power Supply for Telecommunication
- Various Switching Power Supply

Notes: VFM are for 25oC, others are for Tj=Tjm, unless stated otherwise.

Type IF(AV) VRRM IRRM IFRM IFSM VFM t rr Rth(j-c) Tj
A V µA A A V ns oC/W oC
    125oC 25oC 20kHz Tc95oC PerLeg 10ms PerLeg 25oC@100A 25oC    
MUR20020 200(Tc=130oC) 200 1000 150 200 800 1.0 50 0.45 -55-+175
MUR20040 200(Tc=100oC) 400 500 50 200 800 1.3 75 0.45 -55-+175
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