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EVS-200 vacuum contactors

The vacuum contactor EVS200 is an electromechanically operated device determined for frequent switching of exclusively alternating current circuits with low voltage up to 1000V and high voltage of up to 1200V according to EN 60947-4-1 and IEC 470/74 with currents of up to 200A in the range of closing and breaking currents corresponding to AC4 category. This contactor is used particularly for switching of squirrel-cage and slip-ring motors. It is suitable for switching of resistance and mixed loads.

Your benefits:

- high reliability

- long lifetime -

- minimum maintenance demanded during its whole lifetime

- high frequency of repeated switches

- small size and low weight

Type EVS200/1.2KV
Nominal operational voltage 1200V / 50-60Hz
Nominal insulation voltage 1200V / 50-60Hz
Testing voltage 50 Hz/60 sec. between poles and in breaking path 6,5kV
Nominal operational and thermal current 200А
Nominal switching capacities making current 2400А
Nominal switching capacities breaking current 2000А
Nominal short-time current (1 sec.) 3,2kA
Nominal dynamic current 16kA
Max. breaking capacity (cos φ = 0,35) 4kА
Utilisation category АС1, АС2, АС3, АС4
Permissible switching frequency 1200 operations / hour
Mechanical life 1·106
Electrical life: AC3 3·105
AC4 1·105
Closing time ≤ 45ms
Breaking time ≤ 30ms
Vacuum interrupters HR-VR200/11,4 3 pcs.
Contact operating travel 1,65mm
Weight/Volume 4,7kg / 2,1dm3
Dimensions see dimension drawing
Auxiliary circuits:
Rated control supply voltage 230V, 120V, 50-60Hz; +15%,-25%
Rated hold-in consuption 3,2VA
Auxiliary contacts (AC 15: 230V/6A) a–3, b–2


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