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Product Details

DC to AC solid state relays

High reliability by S.M.T & TQC.
High isolation over than 50MQ/500VDC
High dielectric over than 2.5kV
Low enable current less than 7.5mA/12Vdc
Low EMI/EFI & surge by zero cross trigger method
High surge current duration over 10 times of rated current/one cycle
High surge voltage duration by snubber circuit.

Type Terminal Type
Model SSR-10DA SSR-25DA SSR-40DA
Rated Load Current 10A 25A 40A
Input Data
Operating Voltage 3~32VDC
Min. ON/OFF Voltage ON>2.4V , OFF<1.0V
Trigger Current 7.5mA / 12V
Control Method Zero Cross Trigger
Output Data
Operating Voltage 24~380VAC
Min. Back Voltage 600 VAC (Repetive)
Voltage Drop 1.6V / 25°C
Max. Durated Current 135A 275A 410A
Leakage Current 3.0mA 3.0mA 3.0mA
Response Time ON<10ms , OFF<10ms
General Data
Dielectric Strength Over 2.5KVAC / 1min.
Isolation Strength Over 50MΩ / 500VDC
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +80°C
Housing Material Intensive ABS
Weight Appr. 105g


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