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DC SSR 12-1000VDC 100-600A

1.Load voltage: 12-400VDC 12-1000VDC

2.Max Load Current:100A 150A 200A 300A 400A 600A
3.Isolation between In& Out: ≥2500VAC

4.Isolation to case: ≥2500VAC

5.Control Voltage: 3-15VDC 15-32VDC

6.Control Current:5mA-30mA(20mA@max input 32VDC)

7.Turn-on Voltage:≤1.5VAC

8.Off-state Leakage:≤1mA

9.Status indicator: In LED and out on LED

10.Operating Temperature:-40~80°C

Model Load voltage Load current Control voltage
GDM40100D1 12-400Vdc 100A 3-15Vdc
GDM40150D1 12-400Vdc 150A 3-15Vdc
GDM40200D1 12-400Vdc 200A 3-15Vdc
GDM40300D1 12-400Vdc 300A 3-15Vdc
GDM40400D1 12-400Vdc 400A 3-15Vdc
GDM40600D1 12-400Vdc 600A 3-15Vdc
GDM100100D1 12-1000Vdc 100A 3-15Vdc
GDM100150D1 12-1000Vdc 150A 3-15Vdc
GDM100200D1 12-1000Vdc 200A 3-15Vdc
GDM100300D1 12-1000Vdc 300A 3-15Vdc
GDM100400D1 12-1000Vdc 400A 3-15Vdc
GDM100600D1 12-1000Vdc 600A 3-15Vdc
GDM40100D3 12-400Vdc 100A 15-32Vdc
GDM40150D3 12-400Vdc 150A 15-32Vdc
GDM40200D3 12-400Vdc 200A 15-32Vdc
GDM40300D3 12-400Vdc 300A 15-32Vdc
GDM40400D3 12-400Vdc 400A 15-32Vdc
GDM40600D3 12-400Vdc 600A 15-32Vdc
GDM100100D3 12-1000Vdc 100A 15-32Vdc
GDM100150D3 12-1000Vdc 150A 15-32Vdc
GDM100200D3 12-1000Vdc 200A 15-32Vdc
GDM100300D3 12-1000Vdc 300A 15-32Vdc
GDM100400D3 12-1000Vdc 400A 15-32Vdc
GDM100600D3 12-1000Vdc 600A 15-32Vdc

dc ssr 300-600A

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