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    DC motor reversing solid state relayDC motor reversing solid state relayDC motor reversing solid state relayDC motor reversing solid state relayDC motor reversing solid state relayDC motor reversing solid state relayDC motor reversing solid state relay
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DC motor reversing solid state relay

Motor forward and reverse rotation controller:
1. The controller is suitable for frequent forward and reverse start of DC motor or frequent forward and reverse switch of DC inductance coil. It overcomes the shortcomings of the mechanical contact which is easy to jump to fire and burn out and features long service life, low price and convenient installation and use. Moreover, it’s photoelectric isolation or high-frequency transformer isolation between the input & output terminals of the main circuit and the forward & reverse control terminals. The withstand voltage of insulating medium is more than 2000Vac
2. Hardware and software interlocks have been set at the control end for the conversion between direction A and direction B in the controller. This is to effectively prevent conducting the forward and reverse switches at the same time. 
3. It uses MOSFET in controllers as output device to protect circuit, so it’s high reliability.
4. .The LED shows the rotation direction of the motor. When both LEDs are not on, it means “ stop state” .
5. The input control voltage is 12-24Vdc. The the common anode or common cathode can be connected discretionarily. When the control line is common anode connection, low level at A-、B- terminals is effective. And when A-、B- terminals both are low-level, the module will automatically shut down. When control line is common cathode connection, high level at A+、B+ terminals is effective. And when A+、B+ terminals both are high-level, the module will automatically shut down. 

6. The current at control terminal is not than 25mA.

Model Rated working voltage Control method Rated current Control voltage
G50P10FD2 50VDC RANDOM  10A 12-24VDC
G100P10FD2 100VDC RANDOM  10A 12-24VDC
G200P10FD2 200VDC RANDOM  10A 12-24VDC
G400P10FD2 400VDC RANDOM  10A 12-24VDC
G600P10FD2 600VDC RANDOM  10A 12-24VDC
G800P10FD2 800VDC RANDOM  10A 12-24VDC
G50P15FD2 50VDC RANDOM  30A 12-24VDC
G100P15FD2 100VDC RANDOM  30A 12-24VDC
G200P15FD2 200VDC RANDOM  30A 12-24VDC
G400P15FD2 400VDC RANDOM  30A 12-24VDC
G600P15FD2 600VDC RANDOM  30A 12-24VDC
G50P50FD2 50VDC RANDOM  50A 12-24VDC
G100P50FD2 100VDC RANDOM  50A 12-24VDC
G200P50FD2 200VDC RANDOM  50A 12-24VDC
G400P50FD2 400VDC RANDOM  50A 12-24VDC
G50P75FD2 50VDC RANDOM  75A 12-24VDC
G100P75FD2 100VDC RANDOM  75A 12-24VDC
G200P75FD2 200VDC RANDOM  75A 12-24VDC
G50P100FD2 50VDC RANDOM  100A 12-24VDC
G100P100FD2 100VDC RANDOM  100A 12-24VDC

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