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    DC Contactors for frequency invertersDC Contactors for frequency invertersDC Contactors for frequency inverters
Product Details
Product Details

DC Contactors for frequency inverters

GFDC series DC contactor is used for DC circuits with rated DC working voltage up to DC48V and working current up to 800A. The products are mainly used in frequency inverters, energy storage welding machines, electric heating and other occasions. When the working voltage is connected to the circuit above DC600V, it is suitable for switching the buffer resistance of the main circuit of the inverter.

Structural characteristics
1. The main circuit is DC, and the control circuit is AC 220V, 380V.
2. All dustproof, the protection grade reaches IP54.
3. The action mechanism is a direct-acting type, and the contacts are double breakpoints with arc-extinguishing contacts.
4. Natural arc extinguishing, the arcing distance is zero.
5. Small size, light weight, low energy consumption and high reliability.

Working conditions and installation conditions
1. Ambient temperature: -25℃ ~ +55℃
2. Relative humidity: +25℃ up to 90%
3. Vibration frequency at the fixed place: 1~50Hz (frequency 1~10Hz, amplitude 25/f; frequency 10~50Hz; amplitude 250/f2)
4. Impact acceleration: 30m/s2
5. Installation direction: vertical installation
6. Installation method: screw installation
7. Working system: uninterrupted working system (DC-1)

8. Operating frequency: no more than 1200 times per hour.


Type GFDC-100 GFDC-200 GFDC-265 GFDC-400 GFDC-600 GFDC-800
Rated insulation voltage 1500 V
Power frequency withstand voltage 3500 V
Main circuit (DC) Nominated thermal current Ith(A) 100 A 200 A 265A 400A 600A 800A
Rated working voltage DC48V
Rated working current 100 A 200 A 265A 400A 600A 800A
Voltage drop while contacting Less than 80 MV(100A Load)
Coil Coil voltage 220V or 380VAC 24VDC
Pull in voltage 85%—110% Us
Release voltage 20%—75% Us
Pull in power 76VA 110VA 230VA
Maintain power  10VA 11VA 22VA

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