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Capacitor Voltage Transformer

Capacitor voltage transformer is used to separate measuring and protection equipment from high voltage to the values suitable for measuring and protection equipment. The capacitor voltage transformer can also be sued for high-frequency signal transmission.

Main technical advantage
  • Design manufacturing and operating experience of VCU type capacitor voltage transformer for over 40years, the highest voltage level of the product is 765kV.
  • Meet all requirements of metering and protection accuracy class in standards.
  • Low dielectric loss(tan ō =0.05%).
  • The capacitance value of the product is extreme stability with the change of power net work frequency and temperature.
  • High number of capacitor elements to ensure ideal distribution of voltage along internal and external insulation.
  • The resonant frequency of the capacitor voltage dividers is higher than 1MHZ.
  • External metal parts adopt anticorrosive protection, maintenance free in lifetime.
  • Compared with the similar product, minimum weight and excellent quality make it always reliable.
  • The product meets the special requirements of high seismic intensity, high pollution class and extreme weather conditions, and we will try our best to meet clients' requirements.
  • Instrument transformer lifetime is over 40 years.

Type h(mm) H(mm) Capacitance(pF)
VCU-72.5 990 1810 20000
VCU-126 990 1830 10000
VCU-145 1340 2260 7300
VCU-170 1577 2500 6300
VCU-252 990 3080 5000
VCU-363 1577 4360 5000
VCU-420 1707 4590 5000
VCU-550 1342 5370 5000
VCU-765 1707 6580 3000

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