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B type residual current circuit breakers

B type residual current circuit breaker (earth leakage protection)

The B type residual current circuit breakers provide:
Protection in the event of a continuous fault current on three-phase networks generated by:
- Controllers and variable speed drives
- Battery chargers and inverters
- Backed-up power supplies

They include and also guarantee protection against fault currents:
- Sinusoidal AC residual currents (AC type)

- Pulsed DC residual currents (A type)

Applications requiring 'B' types include:

EV & PV installations
Frequency converters
UPS installations
High-frequency power converters
Building site power supply cabinets

According to IEC 60947
Insulation voltage (Ui) 400 V
Pollution degree 3
Rated impulse withstand voltage (Uimp) 4 kV
Making and breaking capacity (Im/IDm) 25/40 A 500 A
63/80 A 800 A
100 A 1000 A
Surge current withstand (8/20 μs) without tripping No selective 250 Â
Selective 3 kÂ
Conditional rated short circuit current (Inc/IDc) 25/40 A with FU 80 A gG fuse 63 A with FU 100 A gG fuse 10,000 A 10,000 A
80/100 A with FU 100 A gG fuse 10,000 A
Degree of protection Device only IP20
IP40 with screw shield
Device in modular enclosure IP40
Insulation classe II
Endurance (O-C) Electrical > 2 000 cycles
Mechanical > 5 000 cycles
Operating temperature -25°C to +40°C
Storage temperature -40°C to +85°C

Model Selection:

Rated Current Pole Model
(A) 30mA 100mA 300mA 500mA
25 2 GDR22530B GDR225100B GDR225300B GDR225500B
40 2 GDR24030B GDR240100B GDR240300B GDR240500B
63 2 GDR26330B GDR263100B GDR263300B GDR263500B
25 4 GDR42530B GDR425100B GDR425300B GDR425500B
40 4 GDR44030B GDR440100B GDR440300B GDR440500B
63 4 GDR46330B GDR463100B GDR463300B GDR463500B

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