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Automatic voltage regulator relay output AVR

DER-500 DER-1000 DER-1500 DER-2000
DER-3000 DER-5000
500VA 1000VA 1500VA 2000VA 3000VA 5000VA
Input Phase Single phase
Voltage AC150V-270V
Frequency 50HZ/60HZ
Output Voltage 220V±8% 110V±10%
Efficiency 98%
Frequency 50HZ/60HZ
Over voltage protection AC 246V±4V
Protection Under-volt Optional
Over-volt Optional
Over heat Optional
By pass No
Delay 3-7min/3-7sec(Optional)
Over load/short circuit yes
Environment Operating temperature -10~40℃
Storage temperature -15~45℃
humidity 20% to 90%
Packaging Pcs per carton 8 4 4 4 1 1
Machine size(cm) 23.5×11.2×16.5 24.5×15×18 24.5×15×18 24.5×15×18 35×22×25.5 35×22×25.5
Package dimensions(cm) 49×27.5×36 30.5×32×39.5 30.5×32×39.5 30.5×32×39.5 39.5×25×29 39.5×25×29
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