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Air cooled solid state relay assemblies

Air cooled solid state relay assemblies

Model No. Control Voltage Load Voltage Rated Current Heatsink Dimensions
GA6-1/032F-3810Z 4-32VDC 40-440VAC 10A HH-051 100x24x107
GA6-1/032F-3815Z 4-32VDC 40-440VAC 15A HH-051 100x24x107
GA6-1/032F-3820Z 4-32VDC 40-440VAC 20A HH-052 100X48X107
GA6-1/032F-3825Z 4-32VDC 40-440VAC 25A HH-052 100X48X107
GA6-1/032F-3830Z 4-32VDC 40-440VAC 30A HH-052 100X48X107
GA6-1/032F-3840Z 4-32VDC 40-440VAC 40A HH-055 100X80X107
GA6-1/032F-3860Z 4-32VDC 40-440VAC 60A HH-057 100X110X107
GA6-1/032F-3880Z 4-32VDC 40-440VAC 80A HH-057 100X110X107
GA6-1/250F-3820Z 90-250VAC 40-440VAC 20A HH-052 100X48X107
GA6-1/250F-3825Z 90-250VAC 40-440VAC 25A HH-052 100X48X107
GA6-1/250F-3830Z 90-250VAC 40-440VAC 30A HH-052 100X48X107
GA6-1/250F-3840Z 90-250VAC 40-440VAC 40A HH-055 100X80X107
GA6-1/250F-3860Z 90-250VAC 40-440VAC 60A HH-057 100X110X107
GA6-1/250F-3880Z 90-250VAC 40-440VAC 80A HH-057 100X110X107
GA6-1/032F-6060Z 4-32VDC 60-600VAC 60A HH-057 100X110X107
GA6-1/032F-6080Z 4-32VDC 60-600VAC 80A HH-057 100X110X107
GA6-1/250F-6060Z 90-250VAC 60-600VAC 60A HH-057 100X110X107
GA6-1/250F-6080Z 90-250VAC 60-600VAC 80A HH-057 100X110X107

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