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    LMK7-250 three-phase current transformerLMK7-250 three-phase current transformerLMK7-250 three-phase current transformerLMK7-250 three-phase current transformer
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Product Details

LMK7-250 three-phase current transformer

Model Rated input  Secondary load  Accuracy class
LMK7-250 0~250A 0-5A class 0.5 class 1.0


Three phase current transformer, specially designed for collecting current signal. The design is strictly in accordance with the standard CM1 molded case circuit breaker threading size. This series of products have wide measurement range, rated primary current range: 0 ~ 1000A, rated secondary current range: 20mA ~ 5a, excellent and advanced production process.

Application: Electrical fire monitoring, current and voltage sensor equipment, fire equipment power module, fire leakage system, small current grounding system, electromagnetic relay protection, microcomputer protection, etc.

Copper wires and cables can pass through.

Core piercing structure, flame retardant epoxy resin casting, good stability.

Using high magnetic conductivity nickel steel or nanocrystalline, good linearity and high sensitivity.

Excellent balance characteristics and strong anti electromagnetic interference.

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