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Product Details


Rated voltage ratio


Accuracy class
Rated capacity


Max capacity


Secondary load power factor


JDZ10-11B 11/0.11 0.2 30 500


0.5 50

The JDZ10-11B voltage transformer adopts a fully enclosed structure of epoxy resin vacuum casting. It is suitable for power systems with a rated frequency of 50Hz and a rated voltage of 11kV, as well as switch cabinets and energy metering cabinets for voltage, energy measurement and relay protection.

Installation location: indoors.
Ambient temperature: maximum temperature 40℃; minimum temperature -5℃; daily average temperature does not exceed 30℃.
Altitude: Under conditions of high humidity, condensation and level II pollution, the altitude shall not exceed 1000m.
Atmospheric conditions: at room temperature, maximum humidity 90%
Condensation: When the ambient air temperature and pressure change drastically, water film or condensation droplets are allowed to appear on the surface of the product.

This series of voltage transformers has a pillar structure and is fully enclosed with epoxy resin casting. It is resistant to pollution and moisture. It is also suitable for use in tropical areas. The transformer does not require special maintenance and only needs to regularly remove surface dirt. A terminal box is installed at the secondary outlet terminal of the transformer. There is a hole on the front and side of the terminal box to match the outlet terminal for wiring, which is safe and reliable. There are grounding bolts and six mounting holes for installation on the bottom plate of the product.

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