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    3A to 15A SSR din rail mount 1/2/3 channel output ssr relays3A to 15A SSR din rail mount 1/2/3 channel output ssr relays
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Product Details

3A to 15A SSR din rail mount 1/2/3 channel output ssr relays

Opto-isolation between input and output loops.

Control signals are interfaced with TTL logic.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) indicate the operating status.

Built-in output solid state switch with overvoltage absorption protection at both ends.

Depending on the customer's needs, the output end can have additional auxiliary contacts.

Rail clamp, heat sink and switch components are integrated into one unit, small size and easy installation.

The products are mainly used for the isolation control of weak and strong power in industrial automation and also for small and medium power appliances. Contactless switch control such as electric motor, solenoid pilot actuated valve, solenoid, well heater, etc.

GTK33-0344ZD3 3A 440VAC 4-32VDC 3 CHANNEL
GTK33-0644ZD3 6A 440VAC 4-32VDC 3 CHANNEL
GTK33-0344ZA2 3A 440VAC 160-240VAC 3 CHANNEL
GTK33-0644ZA2 6A 440VAC 160-240VAC 3 CHANNEL
GDK14-0344ZD3 3A  440VAC 4-32VDC 1 CHANNEL
GDK14-0644ZD3 6A 440VAC 4-32VDC 1 CHANNEL
GDK14-0944ZD3 9A 440VAC 4-32VDC 1 CHANNEL
GDK14-1544ZD3 15A 440VAC 4-32VDC 1 CHANNEL
GDK14-0344ZA2 3A  440VAC 160-240VAC 1 CHANNEL
GDK14-0644ZA2 6A 440VAC 160-240VAC 1 CHANNEL
GDK14-0944ZA2 9A 440VAC 160-240VAC 1 CHANNEL
GDK14-1544ZA2 15A 440VAC 160-240VAC 1 CHANNEL
GDK14-0366ZD3 3A  660VAC 4-32VDC 1 CHANNEL
GDK14-0666ZD3 6A 660VAC 4-32VDC 1 CHANNEL
GDK14-0966ZD3 9A 660VAC 4-32VDC 1 CHANNEL
GDK14-0366ZA2 3A  660VAC 160-240VAC 1 CHANNEL
GDK14-0666ZA2 6A 660VAC 160-240VAC 1 CHANNEL
GDK22-0344ZD3 3A 440VAC 4-32VDC 2 CHANNEL
GDK22-0644ZD3 6A 440VAC 4-32VDC 2 CHANNEL
GDK22-0366ZD3 3A  660VAC 4-32VDC 2 CHANNEL
GDK22-0666ZD3 6A 660VAC 4-32VDC 2 CHANNEL
GDK22-0344ZA2 3A 440VAC 160-240VAC 2 CHANNEL
GDK22-0644ZA2 6A 440VAC 160-240VAC 2 CHANNEL

Note: Normal Close, NC+NO type, 4-6VDC, 9-15VDC, 18-36VDC, 4-32VDC, 4-6VAC, 9-15VAC, 18-36VAC, 160-240VAC control voltage can be made against customers' requirement.


Control signal

4 to 32VDC / 160-240VAC

Control current


ON/OFF indication


ON/OFF breaking time



Load voltage

20-440VAC / 40-660VAC

Maximum current

3A, 6A

Voltage drop ON state

≤ 1.2~1.6 V

Leakage current OFF state

≤ 1mA

Surge voltage

600, 900 VAC


Insulation voltage

≥2000 V

Temperature range

-30~75 ℃

Power frequency

50/60 HZ

Safety tips

2-3 times for resistive loads, 3-6 times for inductive loads

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