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350A to 500A Single Phase AC Solid State Regulators

The control terminal is isolated from output end.

Two types of control methods potentiometer or voltage signal.
The control signal is linear with the output phasing degree.
Module consistency is good, can be multiple phase assemblage parallel control.
Mainly used in industrial electric furnace, electric heating oven, lighting and other equipment for temperature control, dimming, speed control.





Load Voltage

0~240 VAC / 0~440 VAC

Max. load current

350~500 A

Control signal

14~18 VDC

Control mode

External adjustable potentiometer
10KΩ/ 1W

Control signal
0 ~ 10 VDC

Off-state voltage

≥ 400V / ≥ 800V

Isolation voltage

≥ 1800 V

Insulation voltage

≥ 2000 V

Isolation resistance

≥100 MΩ

Operating frequency

50~60 HZ

Ambient temperature


Heat dissipation conditions

≥20A with heat sink, ≥30A and then add fan strong cooling

Load current degree of safety

Inductive load 3~4 times Resistive load 2~3 times

Physical dimension

120×52×32 mm3

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