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Product Details

3 phase solid state contactors

Function Introduction

◆Use solid state realy, non-contact. no spark, noiseless and long service life.

◆Assemble heatsink, air cooled, have the function of overcurrent, overheat protection.

◆Internal thermal protection switch, when radiator surface temperature reaches 80 degrees automatically disconnect control signal, avoid temperature exorbitant cause controller damage.

◆Input control signal 12-32VDC optional, fan motor use 220VAC.

◆Applicable widely: industrial furnace, oven, water pump, motors, electrical switchgear, textile, fountain automation control equipment.



The max load current

(each phase)



( mm)

Install size


GAM4060D×3W100 30A 170×125×175 173×106
GAM4080D×3W100 40A 170×125×175 173×106
GAM40100D×3W100 50A 190×125×175 173×106
GAM40120D×3W125 60A 215×125×175 198×106
GAM40150D×3W155 75A 245×125×180 228×106
GAM40200D×3W170 90A 260×125×180 243×106
GAM40200D×3W210 100A 300×125×180 283×106
GAM40250D×3W210 115A 300×125×180 293×106
GAM40250D×3W250 125A 340×125×180 323×106
GAM40300D×3W300 150A 390×125×180 373×106
GAM40400D×3W300 200A 390×125×180 373×106
GAM80500D×3W170 250A (260×125×191)×3 (243×106)×3
GAM80600D×3W210 300A (300×125×191)×3 (283×106)×3
GAM80800D×3W250 400A (340×125×215)×3 (323×106)×3
GAM801000D×3W300 500A (390×125×215)×3 (373×106)×3

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