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Top 5 Software For Manufacturers In 2024
Date:2023.11.30 Views:436

As the year ends, AI, Industry 4.0, and cutting-edge tech reshape manufacturing. Here’s our list of 5 must-know SaaS for manufacturers.

CADDi Drawer

CADDi Drawer, an AI-enabled drawing management software from manufacturing technology company CADDi, leverages AI to centralize drawings in one platform. CADDi Drawer is the fastest-growing software startup globally and supports global leading manufacturers. CADDi Drawer uses AI to digitize all details from drawings, including metadata, shapes, and even handwriting. The software extracts information from each drawing and then leverages advanced image search analysis algorithms to locate all similar drawings, streamlining manufacturing operations. Linking procurement, quality, and CAD/CAM data reduces the amount of time each employee spends searching for data by 88%. Designed to leverage the intuitiveness of 2D drawings, Drawer can reduce department silos and improve the efficiency of procurement, quality, and engineering teams.

product devlopment


Autodesk Vault

Autodesk Vault is a powerful data management software specifically tailored to meet the needs of manufacturers. It enables efficient design and engineering data management throughout the product development lifecycle. With dynamic features such as version control, document management, and revision tracking, Autodesk Vault provides manufacturers with the tools to organize, collaborate, and secure their product data. Vault greatly enhances productivity by streamlining data access, improving design reuse, and simplifying collaboration between cross-functional teams. Autodesk Vault is a key asset for manufacturers looking to optimize design and data management, reduce errors, and accelerate time-to-market while ensuring data integrity and compliance with industry standards.

Movement by project44

Movement by project44 is a supply chain visibility platform designed to enhance efficiency and transparency in logistics for manufacturers. This cutting-edge software offers real-time, end-to-end visibility into the entire supply chain, enabling manufacturers to easily track shipments, monitor inventory levels, and optimize transportation operations. By leveraging advanced data analytics and machine learning, Project44 provides predictive insights, allowing manufacturers to address potential disruptions and streamline their logistics processes proactively. With seamless integration capabilities, the software connects manufacturers with a network of carriers, suppliers, and partners, fostering collaboration and reducing lead times. Ultimately, Project44 empowers manufacturers to make data-driven decisions, improve operational agility, and enhance overall supply chain performance.

PTC Windchill

Windchill, developed by PTC, is a comprehensive Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software designed to support manufacturers throughout the entire product development and production cycle. It offers an exceptionally wide range of features, including CAD data/drawing management, change management, configuration management, and collaborative product development. Windchill is particularly valuable for engineers and procurement in complex industries, providing an information hub for product data and enabling cross-functional teams to work collaboratively. With its robust capabilities, Windchill helps manufacturers reduce development cycle times, improve product quality, and accelerate time-to-market. It also ensures compliance with industry regulations and standards, making it an extremely powerful tool for manufacturers seeking to optimize their product development processes and stay competitive.

Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite, the top cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, is a vital tool for manufacturers, engineers and procurement. It offers an extensive suite of features that streamline and integrate crucial manufacturing processes. These capabilities include inventory management, supply chain management, financial management, and many more. NetSuite provides real-time insights into manufacturing operations for engineers, enabling informed decision-making and improved efficiency. Its scalability and adaptability make it an ideal choice for manufacturers of all sizes, helping them manage their entire production processes from a unified platform. NetSuite is a key asset for manufacturers looking to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.



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