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Dc to Dc Solid State Relays, DC SSR
Datetime: 2021/10/12 9:42:09  Hits: 953
Panel Mount Dc to Dc Solid State Relays

Our Panel Mount DC Output SSR is available with ratings of 1 to 2500 Amps at 12 to 2000 VDC. Greegoo's DC to DC SSR can be easily mounted into a metal plate or a heatsink.  We also have a good position to supply special function of DC SSR, such as over-current protection, short-circuit protection, 0-10V or potentiometer 10 KΩ or 4-20mA control ssr regulator, ac input but dc output ssr with rectifier circuit up to 500A etc.

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10A to 180A

120A to 400A 500-2000A