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IGBT Modules and IPMs
Intelligent Power Module is a multi-functional power module, which combines thyristor power circuit, phase-shift and trigger circuit. It is a integrated electricity phase-shift and open-loop system. It can realize the voltage control of the load. With built-in linear control circuit, it is highly precise and stabilized. It is widely used the fields such as speed modulation of DC motor, industrial automation, electric heating control, mechanical and electrical integration, diversified power supplies.
Three phase Intelligent Power Module for rectifier purpose
three phase intelligent rectifier power module GVTR-50/70/120/200/250/350/500/800
Intelligent Power Module single phase for rectifier purpose
single phase rectifier module GVDR-50/70/120/200/250/350/500
Three phase IPM modules for AC switching purpose
three phase AC switching module GVTA-50/70/120/200/250/350/500
IPM power modules for single phase ac switching purpose
single phase AC switching module GVDA-50/70/120/200//250/350/500