Heatsink (Radiator)
Heatsink for capsule devices

Greegoo’s heatsink, also called radiator, use high-quality bone material, through anodic oxidation, so that the effect of aluminum alloy is better, optional fan attachment, solve customer customization, with international standard DIN35mm bracket, it is more convenient to install. The radiator is an accessory of the solid state relay and power modules, mainly for conduction, absorption and radiating the heat of the solid state relay and power modules.

Heatsink for solid state relays
GREEGOO TS35P fastening clamps on a 35mm DIN rail, Din Rail adaptor
For 10A to 80A single phase solid state relays.
SSR-2 heatsink with din rail clamp for 10-120A GDH series SSR.
Heatsink/radiator for 10A to 40A SSR, 3 phase solid state relays.
Heatsink with axial fan for 3 phase solid state relays, 10A to 60A.
Heatsink for modules
MSN,MSZ,MSD,MSW series heatsink for power modules and SSR.
Heatsink for capsule devices
Water cooling heatsink for capsule power semiconductor device
Forced air cooling heatsink, radiator for power semiconductors devices in capsule design.

The feature of Greegoo's heatsink, natural air cooling and forced air cooling; corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy; low thermal resistance; easy installation with a mounting slot; can be either standard models can also be customized. For minimum electrical losses and maximum heat dissipation of the devices, the appropriate mounting force Fm specified in the power device specifications must be observed.


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