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Vacuum Contactors
Vacuum contactors are contactors with electromagnetic operating mechanism for low, medium and high voltage switchgear. They are load breaking devices with a limited short-circuit making and breaking capacity for applications with high switching rates of up to 1 million operating cycles. They have the advantages of high extinguish solitary ability; good withstand voltage performance, high operating frequency and long service life etc.
1140V Vacuum Contactors (Low Voltage)
GVC50-125/160 single pole vacuum contactor
Single pole 125A and 160A vacuum contactors
GVC5-80/125/160A 3 pole vacuum contactors
80/125/160A 3 pole vacuum contactors,1140Vac.
GVC3-800/1000/1250A 3 pole vacuum contactors
800,1000,1250A 3 pole, 1140V vacuum contactors
GVC3-800/1000/1250A 2 pole vacuum contactors
800A, 1000A, 1250A 2P, 1140Vac.
VS80 Vacuum contactors 80A 1250V
Specially used in converting squirrel cage motors and slip ring motors and suits resistive load and mixed load switch with German limit switch, spring and lubrication oil.
VS200 Vacuum contactors 200A 1250V
Suits resistive load and mixed load switch with German limit switch, spring and lubrication oil.
1500V Vacuum Contactors
GVC611-2000A/2600A/3200A 3 pole vacuum contactors
2000,2600,3200A 1500V, 3 pole vacuum contactors
2KV Vacuum Contactors (for motor circuit protection)
EVC7-1600A 2kV vacuum contactors
1600A 2000V, three phase, 3 pole.
EVC7-1600A single pole vacuum contactors
GVC6 Vacuum contactor 250A/400A
250A and 400A, integrated vacuum contactors
3.6kV Vacuum Contactors (Medium voltage)
EVC3-3.6-200/400/630A vacuum contactor
3.6kV, 200A, 400A and 630A.
GVC6 Vacuum contactor 400A/630A
400A and 630A integrated vacuum contactors
High Voltage Switch Switchboard
Junction boxes
5kV junction boxes
High Voltage Switchboard
12kV,24kV and 35kv.