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Product Details
Conventional thermal current Ith (A) 250
Rated current Ie (A) 200 250
Rated insulation voltage Ui (V) 750 750
Dielectric strength (V)
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp kV 6 6
Rated operational current Ie (A)
380V AC22B
AC23B 200 250
690V AC20A 200 250
Overload capacity
Rated short-time withstand current Icw (kA)0.1s/1.0s 30/15
Making and breaking capacity (A Rms)
Rated breaking capacity 380V 1600 2000
Rated making capacity 380V 2000 2500
Rated short-circuit making capacity Icm (KA peak value) 30 30
Operation properties
Mechanical durability 380V 1400 1400
Electrical durability 380V 200 200
Mechanical durability 390V 8000 8000

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