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Product Details
Model GLD-125A GLD-160A
Conventional heating current(A) 125 160
Rated insulation voltage 800V 800V
Rated impaction withstand voltage Uimp 4KV 4KV
Rated working voltage AC440V AC440V
Rated working current (AC-32B) 125 160
Rated making capacity 17KA 17KA
Rated limiting short-circuit current(KA) 20 20
Rated short time withstand current IS(ka) 10 10
Change-over time(S) 2 2
Voltage of control power supply(V) AC220V AC220V
Energy consumption of the motor Rated control power(W) Start 300 325
Continus 55 62
Weight Kg 4 poles 7.5 8.8

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