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Product Details
Model GLD-20A GLD-40A GLD-63A GLD-80A GLD-100A
Conventional heating current 20A 40A 63A 80A 100A
Rated insulation voltage 690V 690V 690V 690V 690V
Rated impaction withstand voltage Uimp 8KV 8KV 8KV 8KV 8KV
Rated working voltage Ue AC380V AC380V AC380V AC380V AC380V
Rated working current le 20A 40A 63A 80A 100A
Load character AC33iB AC33iB AC33iB AC33iB AC33iB
Rated making capacity 10le 10le 10le 10le 10le
Rated breaking capacity 8le 8le 8le 8le 8le
Rated limiting short-circuit current 50KA 50KA 50KA 50KA 50KA
Rated short time withstand current 7KA 7KA 7KA 7KA 7KA
Change-over time 1S 1S 1S 1S 1S
Voltage of control power supply AC220V AC220V AC220V AC220V AC220V
Energy consumption of the motor 40W 40W 40W 40W 40W
Weight Kg 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.5

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