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Product Details

Three phase solid state contactors

Function and Characteristic

◆Ready to use, combined with heatsink, axial fan (air cooled), solid state relays and terminals etc.

Protection function: overcurrent and overheat.

◆Power of input and output all adopts copper platoon derivation, the consumer use convenient.

◆Preparation overload fuse, reliable protection for loading and solid state relay over-current.

◆Internal thermal protection switch, when radiator surface temperature reaches 80 degrees automatically disconnect control signal, avoid temperature exorbitant cause controller damage. Panel respectively have control signals, and overheat instructions.

◆Input control signal 12-32VDC optional, 220VAC for axial fan.

◆Applicable widely: industrial furnace, oven, water pump, motors, electrical switchgear, textile, fountain automation control equipment.

Model Adapting power

(three phase 380V)

Heatsink Install size








GAM3E4060D 8-19KW E180 130×128 225×140×190 40A Built in
GAM3E4080D 17-26KW E180 130×128 225×140×190 50A Built in
GAM3E40100D 22-33KW E180 130×128 225×140×190 60A Built in
GAM3E40120D 27-39KW E180 130×128 225×140×190 80A Built in
GAM3E40150D 35-51KW E210 160×128 255×140×190 100A Built in
GAM3E40200D 46-62KW E250 200×128 295×140×190 125A Built in
GAM3E40250D 51-73KW E300 250×128 345×140×190 140A Built in
GAM3E40300D1 55-79KW E350 300×128 395×140×190 160A Built in
GAM3E40300D2 60-83KW E400 350×128 445×140×190 160A Built in

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