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Solid state voltage regulator with external resistor

Model # Load voltage range Load current External voltage regulating resistor Insulation voltage Minimum voltage drop at load terminal Ambient temperature
GVR3810 0-380VAC 10A 680K ≥2500VAC ≤2V -40~80℃
GVR3820 0-380VAC 20A 680K ≥2500VAC ≤2V -40~80℃
GVR3825 0-380VAC 25A 680K ≥2500VAC ≤2V -40~80℃
GVR3840 0-380VAC 40 680K ≥2500VAC ≤2V -40~80℃
GVR3860 0-380VAC 60 680K ≥2500VAC ≤2V -40~80℃
GVR3880 0-380VAC 80 680K ≥2500VAC ≤2V -40~80℃
GVR2210 0-220VAC 10A 470K ≥2500VAC ≤2V -40~80℃
GVR2220 0-220VAC 20A 470K ≥2500VAC ≤2V -40~80℃
GVR2225 0-220VAC 25A 470K ≥2500VAC ≤2V -40~80℃
GVR2240 0-220VAC 40A 470K ≥2500VAC ≤2V -40~80℃
GVR2260 0-220VAC 60A 470K ≥2500VAC ≤2V -40~80℃
GVR2280 0-220VAC 80A 470K ≥2500VAC ≤2V -40~80℃

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