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Solar charge controller 12/24V 80APDF

The solar charge controller is one of key components of the PV off-grid solar system; our ENS series PWM solar controller can adopt different charge way based on different batteries and the environment. It is designed with big clear LCD display with 4 bottoms to change different screens. Double solar panel inputs applied makes it more reliable, and the bottom aluminum radiation can make its work properly when the unit is hot.

1.Pulse Width Modulation Technology, which offers the good efficiency of your PV system.
2.Automatically detects 12/24V or 24/48V system voltage.
3.A big LCD screen display one main window and 7 different sub windows: battery voltage, PV charge current, Load discharge current, total PV charge Ah, total PV discharge Ah, the setting of constant voltage charging, the setting of low voltage disconnect, the setting of low voltage reconnect
4.The constant voltage charge, low voltage disconnect and reconnect data settable by user.
5.External temperature sensor
6.Temperature-compensated, three-stage I-U curve charge regulation
7.Full electronic protection (reverse polarity, over-current, short-circuit, over temperature, current drawback, lightning etc.)
8.Highest efficiency
9.Positive ground
10.Dual terminals for solar panel input

11.Battery type can be: GEL, AGM and solar battery etc.

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