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GRV series products are economical voltage modulation elements which are designed for single-phase AC resistive loads. They are mainly used in the temperature control and lamp adjustment of electronic products. They feature the characteristics as compact dimension, light weight, big controlled power, infinitely variable control and high insulating voltage, etc. They are ideal substitutes for traditional cumbersome voltage regulating transformers.
Model GRV1024PW GRV1524PW GRV2524PW GRV4024PW
Load Current Range Arms 10 15 25 40
Surge Current, 20 mSec (Max.) Arms 85 115 230 400
Load Voltage Range Vrms 0-240
On-state angle range 0-170o
TRIAC Over voltage Vpk >800
Potentiometer 330-510
Frequency Range Hz 47-63
Off State dv/dt (Min) V/μsec 100
Off State Leakage Current (Max.) mArms <5
On State Voltage Drop (Max.) Vrms 1.6
Thermal Resistance,(Rthjc) ℃/W 2.5 2.5 1.3 1.1
Dielectric (Input-Output/Base) Vrms 2500
Ambient temperature range operating or Storage -30℃ to +80℃
Weight: ( max.) Aluminum Base plate: 130g; Copper Base plate: 99g
Base plate Aluminum or Copper, nickel-plated
Case Color Black
Dimensions L*W*H:57.2*44.5*22mm
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