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DC regulated power supply dual LED output

Adjustable DC regulated power supply - LED display

- Dual output
- Four LED meters display output voltage and output current separately
- Constant voltage & constant current automatically transfer, showed by luminous indicator
- Current limit protection & limited point freely adjustable
- Two output voltage can be used in series or in parallel
- Plastic frame, graceful outline and practical

Ordering Key

WYJ 15 15 S C
1 2 3 4

1. Output voltage: 15:0-15V; 30:0-30V; 60:0-60V;
2. Output current: 02:0-2A; 03:0-3A; 05:0-5A; 10:0-10A; 15:0-15A; 20:0-20A; 30:0-30A;
3. S - Singg output; D - Dual output;
4. C - LCD display; D - Digital display; A - Analog display;

Model Adjustable Output Fixed Output
Output Voltage Output Current
WYJ1502DD 0-15V 0-2A 5V 3A
WYJ1503DD 0-15V 0-3A 5V 3A
WYJ1505DD 0-15V 0-5A 5V 3A
WYJ1510DD 0-15V 0-10A 5V 3A
WYJ3002DD 0-30V 0-2A 5V 3A
WYJ3003DD 0-30V 0-3A 5V 3A
WYJ3005DD 0-30V 0-5A 5V 3A
WYJ6002DD 0-60V 0-2A 5V 3A

- Ripple & noise: CV≤1mvrms CC≤5mAms
- Power effect: CV≤1×10-4 + 0.5mv CC≤2×10-3 + 1mA
- Load effect: CV≤1×10-4 + 2mv CC≤5×10-3 + 3mA

- Dimension & weight: 270×260×155mm 5.1~9.6kg

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