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Product Details

CMR/CMS Monolever SwitchesPDF


■You can smoothly and swiftly handle the lever in four directions upward, rightward, downward, and leftward
■Three alternatives of movement are attainable in each direction: Go-on, auto-return, and blockade-enforcing
■You are free, as you like, to operate in four, three, or two directions with the switch
■Rubber bushing is water-proof, oil-resistant, and dustpreventive


AC Rated voltage 110V 220V 440V
Rated current 10A 6A 3A
Breaking current capacity 50A 30A 10A
DC Resistance Load Rated voltage 110V 220V 600V
Rated Current 2.2A 1.1A 0.4A
Breaking Current 2.42A 1.21A 0.44A
Inductive Load Rated Current 1.2A 0.45A 0.2A
Breaking Current 1.32A 0.5A 0.22A

Models Designations

Items Code Description
① Type CMR Round type
CMS Square type
CMRS Round type
CMRN Seal Round
CMSN Seal Square
CMRSN Seal Round
② Mounting Hole 30 Φ30m/m only
③ No.of contact Blocks fitted 1~4 1~4
④ Actuating keys 1 Go-on
2 Auto-return
0 Blockade-enforcing
⑤ Type of contact Blocks fitted 00 None
10 1a(1NO)
20 2a(2NO)
01 1b(1NC)
02 2b(2NC)
11 1a1b(1NO-1NC)

Note: When you place order, please kindly designate clockwise the movement way and type of contact fitted.

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