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40A 50A 60A MPPT Solar Charger Controller

This product is an advanced MPPT charging controller, fully named "Maximum Power Point Tracking" solar charging controller. It's an improved replacement of traditional solar charge-discharge controller. Besides, it has built-in maximum power point tracking algorithm which can find the maximum power point in photovoltaic cell quickly and precisely so as to acquire more photovoltaic energy and significantly improve the utilization of solar energy system. The conversion efficiency can reach above 99%. This saves cost much. The product is suitable for charging and discharging management of solar battery with universal isolated grid connected photovoltaic system.

1. Adopting multi-phase synchronous rectification technology, fast tracking photovoltaic maximum power point and the conversion efficiency reaching more than 99%.
2. Micro power consumption and quiescent current. The lowest self loss: 15mA, no-load power consumption<1mA.
3. Adopting temperature compensation, automatically adjusting the discharging parameter.
4. Larger LCD interface directly showing operation status and parameters.
5. Supporting for adding communication interface RS232 and and supporting PC remote monitoring.

6. Multiple intelligent security protection: overload protection, short-circuit protection, under-voltage protection, reverse connection protection, over voltage protection, open circuit protection etc.

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