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2500A fast vacuum contactors (bypass switch)

Rated working voltage KV 3.6kV
Insulation level KVAC 5KVAC
Rated working current A 2500A
Rated short-time withstand current KA 25KA(1s)
Rated operating frequency Hz 50Hz
Loop resistance μΩ ≤30μΩ
Closing time ms <3ms
Bounce time ms <2ms
Return time ms <2ms
Opening form Manual brake
Working pressure of main contact N >200N
Closing force N >100N
Life time >10000
Operating ambient temperature 5℃-60℃
Operating ambient humidity RH ≤85%RH
Rated voltage of control loop VDC 400VDC
Design life Year >40Year
Mechanical life times >10000
Self holding capacity When the control power is switched off, the switch will not be disconnected, and the switch can be operated manually
Switch material UL94V-0 flame retardant grade

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